Welcome to all the Hers and the Hes committed to improving your finances. MindingHErMoney is my ‘special project’ , dear and close to my heart. It is a platform I’ve created and will be using to educate and engage with individuals through workbook challenges, masterminds and training on personal finance skills.

I thank you for choosing me as your guide and mentor through these challenges. I only ask and will only ask that you stay the course, that you allow yourself to be coachable and that you keep an open mind. I ask that you be patient with yourself and, I ask that you challenge yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you and your experience with my challenges. I welcome any feedback as I strive to improve on my work and value that I put out to you. I know that this challenge will not only kick-start your money management but also your money mindset.

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This Kit Includes:

Questions and affirmations to get your money mindset right

Weekly journal prompts to get you aware of your money matters

Guide to creating and following a successful budget

Top financial priorities everybody should work on

BONUS!!! FREE CONSULTATION with me to discuss your problem areas and how we can improve them.

I congratulate you for taking this step to actively control your finances. It means that you are determined to improve your financial well-being.

I designed this FREE 4 week practice with the intention to bring awareness and focus to your financial matters, to face your financial fears with courage and create new and empowering thoughts and actions to help you start managing your finances and improving your financial literacy skills.

Whether you are a busy individual on the go or someone who is looking to take control of their financial situation, this 4 week financial focus kit (workbook) is going to help you create the foundation to manage your finances.

As promised, your Financial Focus Kit. ⬇⬇⬇

I highly recommend getting a physical workbook for this practice.

Refer to the Money Mindset pdf questions – which you should try to complete in week one of your challenge and HAND write your answers.

Typing may seem more efficient, but the major effects that hand-writing has on your subconscious mind greatly outweighs the convenience of typing.

Do the same for the Journal prompts which you will complete for week 1-4 of your challenge.

Be sure to check in on your budget daily to record income/expenses and use the hashtag #MindingHErMoney (and tag me @Humairaamoola) to share your results.

I can’t wait to see all the progress you make in the next 4 weeks 😊

Happy MindingYourMoney! ❤

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